Effects of business interruption
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Risk Review


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Business Interruption and Disaster Recovery

Our review will ensure that you will still have a viable business after the impact of a major event.


The two main elements of this are:


Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

We will review the essential elements of an effective BCP. The creation of an effective BCP is complex and will not be achieved through one persons input or a mornings meeting. We will work with your senior management team to create a robust and effective solution that will give your business the opportunity of successfully surviving after a major event, insurable of otherwise.


The key aspects we will look at include:

  • Disaster Recovery Team
  • Risk Analysis
  • Emergency Action Planning
  • Business Recovery Planning
  • Stakeholders
  • Communications
  • Emergency Power
  • Alternative Premises
  • IT and Telephony


The final two points can be addressed through the use of a Business Continuity facility. We work with DSM who operates the largest bespoke BCP facility in the East Midlands. The facility incorporates –

    • Workplace Suites – in excess of 750 positions split between 7 business units
    • Executive Boardroom
    • Meeting Rooms
    • Conference Suite
    • Secure Data Centre – for hosting of client equipment
    • On-Line Back Up Services – for offsite storage of client data


    Business Interruption Insurance Review including:

    • Indemnity Period
      – to ensure the insurance protection will continue until you are back in the trading position you would have been but for the event. We generally find the indemnity period is too short and this leads to a business failing in spite of its best endeavours
    • Working expenses
      – to clearly identify those costs that will vary directly with your turnover. While we often find that indemnity periods are too short, the sum insured for the selected period may well be too high
    • Business trends
      – to reflect the anticipated changes in your trading both within the insurance period and then on into the possible period that an indemnity may be required
    • Transportation
      – insurance protection often excludes loss to your stock while it is in transit
    • Suppliers
      – the loss of a supplier or indeed of important utilities due to an insured event are often overlooked
    • Denial of access and Interdependencies are again often overlooked in considering the extent of the insurance protection