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Credit Management and Debt Collection

This is the latest set of important risk management measures from Risk Management Advisory Services. One of the major problems for many businesses is the ability to collect payment for work undertaken, goods delivered or services provided.


We are able to assist with collection of outstanding debts and with the Freeway Debt Recovery service. For debts of up to £3,000 the zero fee debt collection service could apply.  Additional information is available here: Debt Recovery Service

Contact RMAS today if you are having difficulties collecting a debt.


The second service is a debt management system. One of the benefits of the Account Assyst system is the ROSI register of late payments. If you had been a supplier to Connaught the ROSI early warning system would have helped you determine if you wanted to continue to provide your goods or services: Connaught Early Warning System


RMAS are now able to offer you a system that operates from the moment you secure a new account. It will assist in obtaining agreement to your terms of business including importantly your payment terms, through to an automated overdue money chasing process. They system can be used for all your new accounts but will equally work as part of a review of your existing customers. It can be supported by a credit reports and ROSI checks both at the stage of account opening, and throughout the life of that client account. You can be assured that you will always have the latest available information: Account Assyst Credit Management.


Please have a look at the system at RMAS Account Assyst. If you like what you see and want to enjoy a free 2 week trial to obtain 6 free credit reports please call RMAS today