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Welcome to Risk Management Advisory Services
– the independent risk management specialists

From HSE and fire risk assessment to property, employment and manual handling risk assessment, credit management and the role of risk transfer, RMAS provides a full range of risk assessments to companies large or small through our network of carefully selected partners.


Fire and HSE risk assessment are vital elements in meeting the current health and safety legislation governing businesses in the UK. These regulations require that a ‘suitable and efficient’ risk assessment is carried out prior to the commencement of any work. At RMAS we believe in performing a holistic review of your organisation’s risks, followed by recommendations of any necessary actions to be taken by an expert in that particular field.


We perform a systematic examination of both your working practices and your business premises, providing a complete report on everything from fire and HSE risk assessment to manual handling and even motor risk assessment.


At RMAS we understand that risk assessment in isolation doesn’t add profit to your business, and to that end we have found that our work is often self-funding as a result of the improvements in procedures and operational efficiency that arise as a result of our recommendations. Our goal is to provide discreet and unobtrusive HSE or fire risk assessments; in fact all our reviews are designed to have as little impact as possible. We are here to assist you and bring the technical knowledge and skills to ensure you comply with all the requirements and regulations introduced as part of current health and safety legislation.


Risk Review

Our Risk Review is at the heart of the RMAS services, and it involves a complete overview of your business and the processes involved in its operation. We look at all aspects of risk assessment including fire, HSE, manual handling and more, we consider the major risks faced by your company, and examine the insurance protection levels currently in place.


With the results of our risk assessment review detailed in a confidential report, we are happy to present our findings to senior management. The process involves a 2-3 hour meeting for many office based risks, and 4 hours or more review for larger businesses, those involving manufacturing and other involved risk processes.


We aim to keep the costs of our Risk Reviews affordable, we understand the pressures on today’s business and consider our services to be very reasonable – for a small business up to ten employees we would anticipate a morning or afternoon would be required for all aspects of our Risk Review including manual handling, fire and HSE risk assessment. For larger companies we would expect a day or more that will be followed up with comprehensive written feedback from our risk management team.


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Risk Management Advisory Services is based in Oundle, Northants, close to Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.