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18th January 2011

Welcome to the latest copy of Risk Advisor from RMAS.


Plan for the Unexpected, Business Continuity Planning, Business Continuity Planning, Remote Hosting and more . .




What's in this month's newsletter?




Time to Plan for the “Unexpected”

After the fun of the (for many) extended Christmas and New Year break it is now back to the serious business and time to plan for the new year.


It is no different here at Risk Management Advisory Services where we are constantly reviewing both our current operating and marketing plans, and of course reviewing our resilience and defensibility strategies. While many businesses have focussed on sales and marketing it is also important that time is taken to ensure you can overcome unexpected events. This is where RMAS can help.


In this copy of Risk Advisor we profile our Business Continuity Planning (BCP) services so that you too can be confident that your business will survive that unexpected event.

It isn’t just about survival. A well structured Business Continuity Plan is now regarded as essential by many customers. Confidence that suppliers are able to consistently deliver materials, products and services is becoming a major requirement.


Another good reason to ensure you have an effective BCP is to be able to reassure your bank that you are able to meet your financial obligations. With banks looking to reduce their lending it will take little to prompt a demand that their debt be repaid.


For more information on how RMAS can assist you with your Business Continuity Planning please call 084 321 81 673 or email RMAS


Business Continuity Planning

falling sales graph80% of businesses suffering a major incident close within 18 months if they have no effective Business Continuity Plan


This headline is from the Business Continuity Institute.


It is a fact that many of those businesses affected by the Buncefield explosion in 2005 are still suffering from the consequences. 92 businesses were directly affected but fortunately the event happened on a Sunday when most were closed. This didn’t help two of them however as they went into liquidation within 12 months of the disaster. 14 more had permanently relocated and several were in temporary premises. I also discovered recently that one building damaged in the explosion has yet to be rebuilt to this day.


Some of the businesses had effective Business Continuity Plans and continue to prosper. Many of the others do not. So what are the considerations in anticipating a disaster and planning ahead?

There is a need to consider what to do in certain timescales – The plan needs to deal with actions within the first 6 hours, 24 hours, 2 day and the first week.

Your stakeholders need to be considered. These will include – customers, suppliers, employees, financiers. You will need cash flow.


You will have to consider your premises, technology, machinery and transport requirements. Then you will have to deal with insurers (hopefully you will have adequate insurance), the local authority, planning, possible continuation of dealings with the emergency services, disposal of damaged materials.

Then there are contractors to employ, all while continuing to deal with the aforementioned stakeholders and continuing (in spite of all of this disruption) to run your business. In the absence of a plan any business will struggle.


If you think it is time to consider effective Business Continuity Planning contact RMAS. Please call 084 321 81 673 or email RMAS to arrange an initial exploratory meeting.

Business Continuity Centre

workplace suiteHow prepared are you?


In today's technological world the importance of protecting your business is vital. RMAS objective is to ensure that the client minimises their exposure to risk and loss during any unforeseen disruption.


We often work with clients with a high reliance on technology, many of whom have large office facilities in a single site. Their client’s requirements are often such that the inability to provide a full telephone and on-line service would have major implications. This is why we strongly encourage clients to consider building the facility of a Business Continuity Centre into the BCP. The centre we recommend is run by DSM.

DSM's Disaster Recovery Centre is the largest facility of its kind within the East Midlands. Discreetly located on a five acre site the recovery facility provides complete Business Continuity solutions for corporate clients. The facility is ideally placed for organisations in the East Anglia and East Midlands area and, only an hour from London, can also provide a perfect solution for City based companies.


DSM’s rural location has excellent access routes and plenty of onsite parking. Separately routed BT and Virgin Media fibre connections provide all the communications and phone lines needed to keep businesses up and running in any event.


The Business Continuity facility comprises of:- Workplace Suites - giving in excess of 750 positions over seven suites, an 18 seat executive boardroom, a number of meeting rooms, and a conference suite; as well as a Secure Data Centre Space - for hosting of client equipment, Online Backup Services - which provide for the offsite electronic storage of client data (commonly now known as 'Online Backup').

For more information or to arrange a visit DSM’s business continuity centre please call RMAS on 084 321 81 673


Hosting and Colocation

Protect your IT Systems and Data


IT and data have become so critical to organisations and their operations it is essential that they remain available and secure 100% of the time.  The option of a hosted solution provided by a third party has become more affordable and is the best way forward for many organisations.

DSM offers a comprehensive data centre solution to increase reliability and performance for your applications and hardware. The specially equipped, environmentally controlled data centre delivers a high level of security making your operation more attractive to your customers.


Power is protected via UPS and a Generator system to Tier 4 level ensuring operation is never interrupted. Power options include dual feed to each cabinet for increased resilience.


A team of qualified and experienced technical staff are on hand to assist where required with fully managed solutions tailored to meet your needs.

DSM has separately routed fibre connections to both BT and Virgin Media Business infrastructures which can be used to deliver any type of communications service (MPLS, Point-to-Point, etc) from any supplier.


Flexible and Scalable Solution...

You may install your own equipment or use that supplied by DSM.  Rack space can be contracted from as little as a single 'u'.


data solutionsBenefits of the service...


  • Security: the facility is located in a fully secure environment with multiple levels of intruder detection.  Six foot high steel fencing, electronic perimeter monitoring, IP camera CCTV, lighting systems and controlled entry are some of the security features protecting the main building.

  • Resilience: the data centre is environmentally controlled by multiple independent air conditioning units.  A dual generator (N + 2) and triple UPS (N + 3) infrastructure provides Tier 4 resilience.

  • Flexibility: a complete package can be tailored to suit your requirements without compromising on availability or service.

  • Scalability: your systems can be expanded and developed as your business grows.

For more information on how to protect your systems and data please contact RMAS on 084 321 81 673 or email RMAS



“Expect the Unexpected”


Sheridan Smith of Risk Management Advisory Services presents . . !


Infinite Group logoWe have been delighted to be asked to present to two different groups recently. Initially invited by Barry Burton of the Infinite Group to present at their regular Business Success Talks, the talk has been repeated at a recent meeting of The Business Club Northamptonshire in Corby.


Business Club logoTo Expect the Unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect” OSCAR WILDE


With the title of “Expect the Unexpected” we have had positive feedback on the presentation which encompassed subjects such as Financial Risk, Business Continuity Planning, Credit Management and Motor Risk Management; and the role of insurance.


For more information or to receive an invitation to any future presentations by RMAS please call 084 321 81 673 or email RMAS



It Makes You Think

Some More of Life’s Quirks as observed by RMAS


ThinkerAt RMAS we are always amused by life and people, particularly when they can be so daft. Here are some more of our favourites:


Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog's face, he gets mad at you, but when you take him on a car ride, he sticks his head out the window?


Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?


Is it true that cannibals don’t eat clowns because they taste funny?


Why is abbreviation such a long word?


Why is it longer to say www than world wide web?


How is it that we put a man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on suitcases?