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Risk Advisor Summer Special

It’s summer and here are our summer special offers


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Risk Management Advisory Services are delighted to inform you of our summer specials


While we are at the height of the holiday season business carries on as usual and risks in business don’t go away. 

We are delighted to offer our mini Risk Review free of charge during the months of August and September.


Details of our Risk Review are here –


Risk Review PlanningThe mini Risk Review is a one hour meeting at your premises and will cover all the areas of the main Risk Review service.

Other offers for the summer months include –


  • Zero fee debt recovery for debts up to £3,000
  • Free audit of your Employment system and documentation
  • Free updated version of our “Working Together” employment guide


We also have a special introductory offer to SportsMed – please get in touch if you have any contacts at major sporting organisations or clubs.

Feel free to call us today on 084 321 81 673 or email RMAS to book your free mini Risk Review or to find out more about our other summer specials .



The summer Riots – what if you are affected?

What you need to do if you have suffered loss or damage in the London Riots

If you or people you know have suffered loss or damage as a result of the riots last week in London and other cities in the UK, it is important to act quickly to activate your insurance claim. If you are insured for loss or damage to property you should be covered for damage arising from Riot & Civil Commotion. It is usual for insurers to have a clause in the insurance policy requiring notification of a claim probably within 7 days of the incident.


Free Employment GuidelinesPlease be aware that when notifying your insurer you must also be able to quantify the loss.


If the disturbances are classed as a Riot the police authority has a legal obligation to reimburse persons who sustain damage to property. This is expressed in the Riot (Damages) Act 1886. At the time of writing we believe the disturbances have been classed as Riots and the circumstances clearly meet the definition of Riot as described in the Act.


What does this mean?

Even if you are uninsured you will be able to claim of the lost and damaged property, however damage to motor vehicles is excluded (they didn’t exist when the Act was passed) and there is no protection for consequential losses – i.e. loss of trading income. Also excluded are goods left in shops for repair.

There is no excess or limitation within the Act for qualifying losses, so you will be able to recover your policy excess and for the amount of any underinsurance but as mentioned above you do need to notify your insurers as soon as possible.


If you are uninsured under the terms of the Riot Act you have 14 days from the incident to notify the local police authority however we have been advised that this has been extended to 42 days.


The "time to pay scheme" operated by HMRC has also been extended for affected businesses that has used the scheme previously.


If you would like any clarification on this article please call Risk Management Advisory Services on 084 321 81 673. In addition we can forward the security advice issued by the Metropolitan Police on request just email RMAS requesting Met Police Security Advice.



We trust you found the latest copy of Risk Advisor to be of interest. Please feel free to contact us if you would like assistance on any of the areas raised in this or previous publications call RMAS on 084 321 81 673 or email RMAS today.


Alternatively if you know of someone who could benefit from our services please forward this message or provide them with our details.

Alternatively if you know of someone who could benefit from our services please forward this message or provide them with our details.