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Risk Advisor - RMAS Newsletter

27th September 2010

Welcome to the latest copy of Risk Advisor from Risk Management Advisory Services. In this newsletter we will provide you with information on our keynote service, the Risk Review, introduce you to the East Midlands Premier Business Recovery Centre, profile one of our team, and more. Please read on for more information on the services from RMAS


What's in this month's newsletter?




Risk Review by RMAS

An introduction to the RMAS Risk Review

Risk Management Advisory Services are an independent risk advisory company providing a holistic Risk Review service to businesses of all sizes.


Risk Review – why?

We are all busy individuals and try to rely on our good judgement and knowledge to run our businesses. We run our businesses because we believe in what we can offer our customers but as a result we end up acting as the salesman, we do the marketing, design the product, make it and if possible also try to then carry out all of the after sales activity. We then employ the staff, collect the money; deal with tax and legal issues.

You will take good advice from specialists. Your accountant, bank manager, solicitor and possibly HR advisor will all help you in their specialist areas but who works with you in the important area of risk? This is where Risk Management Advisory Services comes in. We can offer you an independent Risk Review.

The Risk Review looks at all areas of businesses risks. These include financial risks, threats; opportunities and exit strategy as these all have an impact on how risk averse a business is. We then move on to the physical risks arising from the premises, processes and people. This leads us in to security and fire risk together with business interruption and business continuity planning. Health & Safety and Employment impose legal obligations but we also look at motor risk management measures, something that is often overlooked. An added feature of our service is a high level insurance review. How many businesses are fully aware of the terms of their insurance protection? We will look at the four main areas where claims generally fall down.
Why would you not want to carry out a risk review with RMAS?

We hear a number of objections to carrying out a Risk Review with RMAS. Some of the common ones are -


“I’m a sole director”
A: Many of our clients are sole directors, which in many ways leaves them even more exposed. Directors & Officers Liability insurance has protected them from the same pitfalls that all businesses face when dealing with the outside world.


“We only run a small business”
A: Many of our clients run small businesses. Unfortunately, legislation is no respecter of size, in fact, the smaller the business the more vulnerable it becomes


I don’t have the time

A: We understand that you will have many calls on your time, however we will work with you, at a time that suits you, morning, afternoon or evening, at your premises or elsewhere if you prefer. We work with you, the business owner or MD, but will, as appropriate also work with others in your business as part of the fact find and review process. We will report to you only on how prepared you are to deal with risk and providing an action plan.

“I can’t afford it”

A: At just £250 plus VAT for the smaller businesses you will receive our unique Risk Review service. At £500 plus VAT for most businesses this still represents exceedingly good value for money

To find out more, or to book a Risk Review contact RMAS on 084 321 81 673.


Business Continuity Facility

Keeping your business alive

Have you considered the impact on your business of a major event – fire, flood or explosion for example? No doubt you have heard about the organisations that have ceased trading after a simple event that had a catastrophic affect on their operation.


Business Continuity Plan

The starting point on your business recovery strategy should be a robust business continuity plan together with well designed insurance protection. A key element of the plan is to identify where your business will operate from, particularly if a number of companies in the vicinity could be similarly affected by the same incident. We are keen to work with businesses that take their future seriously enough to put plans and contracts in place to protect themselves from an unexpected occurrence.

This is where a fully equipped office suite could come to your aid.

Work place recovery

RMAS has access to a range of suites of office suites ready for customers to occupy within hours of being denied access to your own premises for any reason. The carefully designed facility has a comfortable and spacious environment. It is easily accessible located in the East Midlands near several major roads, has ample parking and every level of resilience built in (generators, fuel supplies, communications etc) to ensure the centre can support your business. The site is fully secure to ensure you can relax in the knowledge that your company information and staff are safe.



The facility includes a data Centre with multiple power protection and communications links that you would expect from a major Business Continuity Centre. Multiple security levels with dedicated caged areas ensure protection of equipment and confidentiality. Customers have the option of renting floor space to buying rack space for a single server. The Data Centre can also accommodate mobile units vie external “hook up” facilities.


cartoonOffsite Backup

BC Vault is a solution offering complete peace of mind to organisations that need to ensure their data and systems can be quickly and effectively restored to full working order with a minimum of down time. It provides a simple and efficient method of restoring lost, deleted, overwritten or corrupted tapes, which may not even work.


Data is encrypted and transmitted electronically from customer systems to the vault housed in the Data Centre. BC Vault totally eliminates the need for tapes.


Customers can easily restore data using a simple interface. In the event of a major equipment loss the system can rapidly ‘bare metal restored’ to any hardware platform.


To find out more or to arrange a visit to the facility please call us on 084 321 81 673.



Introducing Sheridan Smith, Managing Director of RMAS

Sheridan has had over 30 years working with businesses of all sizes and complexities designing risk management and risk transfer programmes. Trade sectors and clients have included, Road Haulage Association, Roman Catholic Dioceses, Grant Maintained Schools, Voluntary Aided Schools, Welsh Rugby Union, Supacat, numerous Building Contractors and Construction Companies, Motor Dealerships and many more.

His Risk Management work has included research and writing of risk management guides, presentations on legal obligations within the Voluntary Aided schools sector, Business Continuity planning with Independent Schools, and working with the Irish Government on schools security, and carrying out presentations to rugby clubs on the responsibilities of directors and committee members. He has also written extensively on risk management in trade publications in the Education and Haulage sectors.


Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce is proud to present its Business Exhibition

Northamptonshire Chamber logoMeet RMAS at the Northamptonshire Chamber Business Exhibition

You can meet Managing Director Sheridan Smith at the Chamber Business Exhibition at Sunley Management Centre on Friday 8th October from 09.30 to 15.30.


RMAS be exhibiting together with one of our associates MMV Contracting. MMV specialise in CCTV, Access Control, Fire & Intruder Alarms and Electrical Installations.

Further details of the event can be found at


It Makes You Think – Children!

Children –

  • If you have trouble getting your children’s attention, just sit down and look comfortable
  • Parents are so excited about the first words and steps of their child and then spend the next 17 years trying to make them sit down and be quiet
  • Summer holidays are a time when you realise that teachers are grossly underpaid (my wife likes this one – she is a teacher!)
  • You know your children are growing up when they stop asking where they came from and start refusing to tell you where they are going
  • A child will never spill food on a dirty floor


We trust you found this copy of Risk Advisor to be of interest.


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