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An introduction to Risk Management Advisory Services Risk Review

RMAS are always looking at ways that we can assist businesses in the risk management strategy. As well as the usual risk management activities such as Health & Safety, HR, Security and Fire Alarms etc we have other areas of support for you.


These include Business Continuity Planning, Motor Risk Management strategies including in-car/cab video recording and insurance claims strategies for major losses.

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RMAS have also work with specially selected insurance risk surveyors. They can carry out a risk survey of your premises preparing a report to go to market as part of a risk presentation.


Written in a way that insurance underwriters understand this is likely to enhance your brokers risk presentation and ensure that there is additional competition for your insurance risks, resulting in lower insurance premiums and avoiding an inadvertent failure to disclose a material fact.

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RMAS conduct Risk Reviews in Cambs, Northants, Lincs, Rutland, Leics, Beds and Bucks

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